Brunch + Build ( A Family Affair)

So remember when I relaunched our website and brand last month...I know you do. Because I went marketing & branding crazy. RELAUNCH....RE-BRAND 3.28.18 was all over my post & insta-stories. I was even able to share our family business relaunch on CW 33 Women's History Month Segment. Well, ever since the relaunch I have been making sure that I have kept my word. I know that our work has evolved, our business & brand has evolved and so have we as a family. And through that "evolving" I had sort of lost sight of what was most important...


Sounds bad, right? Yeah, I know. But guess what? It is so easy to do, especially when you are a small business owner. As our business grew, so did gaps in time spent with my husband & children. So did gaps in time spent with other family members and close friends. At times, you get lost in the "hustle" to be blowing and going, so much that you blow past your significant other. Forget to answer that text, forget to do a quick check on, to see how their day is going... Or do they need anything. A while back, I did a long post about it, an Instagram post. It was raw, real and that post took me back to my why, it took me back me to my purpose. 

Family is everything. But, as mentioned before, sometimes we are so busy we forget the importance of family. We forget how easy it is to take time to spend with our family. So, we want to bring that importance of family time back to what we do as well as back to what you do. Which has brought us to our next little family venture:

BRUNCH + BUILD with The Clarke's

BRUNCH + BUILD is a family style workshop for men, women, & children. A workshop that focuses on empowering & uplifting families one DIY project at a time. My husband and I will teach these workshops together. At times, my father will come along for the ride and share his tips. Our purpose behind these workshops is to bring back that quality time spent with your family while doing something fun, creative, different AND affordable. Crafts will range from Farmhouse Benches, Blanket Ladders, Wooden Trays, Chalkboards, Wooden Planters and more. Did we mentioned Brunch would be involved? Oh & Mimosas along with Austin East Ciders may or may not make an appearance. SAY HELLO to Co-ed Workshops. 

I mean, how cool does this sound?! First we have "On the Table" Workshops with a Purpose. Workshops that were made to focus on the true definition of "The Every Girl" A space made for women of all backgrounds, style, race, religion, age and more.  A place where everyone feels welcomed. Where the definition of Women empowering Women is more then a hashtag. MAMA MODE: Celebrating Modern Modern Motherhood are workshops & events that focus on celebrating motherhood. Creating that space where a mama can come to relax, unwind and embrace the ultimate me time. And now we have Brunch + Build with the Clarke's, a space that does not just focus on women, doesn't just focus on moms. But focuses on FAMILY, focuses on Dad, Mom, Children, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, Cousins and more! We can't wait to share this new venture with you. We know you will love it just as much as us. Because we know you love family. 

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer; A man who works with his hands and his brains is a craftsman; but a man who work with his hands and his brain and his heart is and artist. 


The Clarke Family