building a diverse community THROUGH


Ensuring everyone has a seat at the table



Bringing Family, Friends & Community together one Farmhouse Table, Design & Workshop at a time. We are here to share meals, memories and moments with you & yours through design with style. We invite you to stay, look around and fall in love with our purpose. Fall in love with The Iman Project....because we have.

The Iman Project

A Lifestyle Brand-bringing you Lavender & Mint Designs, #TheKoolKids, "On The Table" Workshops with a Purpose and Mama Mode: Celebrating Modern Motherhood. Our goal  is to create a sense of community through memories & moments. No matter your style,age, opinion, skin color or background. 


The Little House Project

Little House of Bishop Arts


Little House on Routh

Say hello to The Little House Project, A Lifestyle Studio…our newest & greatest project yet. With two locations Uptown & Bishop Arts District. It’s a space where workshops, pop-ups, intimate events, dinners & more can play. Its a space where everyone is welcomed and where magical moments will be shared. We would love to host you & your guest soon. So stay for a while, look around & let us know what you think. 



Lavender & Mint Design

Farmhouse Tables & Furniture

Our handcrafted farmhouse tables & furniture have a mission. To bring families together to share meals, memories & moments. They are built with love to fit your family's style, needs & budget.

Furniture should be unique and designed with each family in mind. From the dimensions, to the style and finish: you call the shots. Looking for something more then a Farmhouse Table? We have you covered. 




"ON THE TABLE" WORKSHOP with a purpose

A space where the EVERY Girl is WELCOMED. A space no matter your background, skin color, religion, or walk of life you feel at home. Come create something magical with us as you take one of our amazing workshops. From floral design, painting, caligraphy, succulent design & more.

We are about COMMUNITY, UPLIFTING & DIVERSITY. Each workshop is meant for you to walk away with a memorable experience...walk away with a connection. Walk away with wings. Will you join us? 


Making things & making memories are truly what this Husband & Wife duo are all about. Bree & Carlos live in Dallas, Texas with their twin 6 year old boys Kai & Kael and their family Yorkie Dallas. Bree has a passion and love for family, design & all things style.

She lives by the quote, "she designed a life she loved."

Carlos love of wood and family has led him to this dope wood working company . He loves the custom and unique look & feel each farmhouse table or piece of furniture brings. He builds each piece of furniture with so much heart, passion & purpose.

The Clarkes' main goal from the time they started their small business was to build affordable furniture and create a beautiful community. As well as to think of others needs & wants first.  Acts 20:35 is the base of their family as well as their business.

"There is more happiness is giving than there is in receiving."

Bree & Carlos wish to make all things beautiful while creating an experience. They wish to design a farmhouse table for all; no matter your style, race, creed, sex or opinion. In all the work they do they seek to empower others and bring people together. Bree & Carlos believe that if you give out good juju in life....you will receive so much more in return. 


A Modern Farmhouse Table

A Farmhouse Table is something rustic, something vintage, something Mediterranean and something old. Farmhouse Table design does not have an official definition. To the fans of modernism it may seem somewhat messy, but this style has its own character. Sometimes there are no clean lines. It has a great visual appeal and brings back images from the past, recreating the unique atmosphere and harmony of the time. The warmth of natural wood, soft colors, dark hues, grain - all this creates a lovely table that invites you to bring dinner to your table and makes you feel at home. Designed by our family....Inspired by yours.


For any inquires or ideas:

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