I Don't Drink Coffee

Actually I hate coffee. The Coffee cup I am holding here is empty and just a prop. I dislike coffee, just about as much as I dislike the statement:  I would love to meet for coffee so that I can pick your brain. The amount of requests for lets meet for coffee have just gotten out off control over the past few years. And I am not just saying from long time friends, or family members. I mean from people who I have never met. Individuals I have never spoken to on the phone with. People I don't even know their real name. I only know there instagram handle. 

So, why does this statement bother the shit out of me? Because my time & my expertise are valuable. Recently, I read this statement in the New York Post:

Marissa Vicario, a Manhattan-based certified health coach, concurs.

“As my business has become more successful and my public persona has increased, I’ve increasingly received emails from others in my field who essentially want to do the same thing I’m doing. While I love mentoring, I value my time and expertise and have started to charge. I’ve found that those who value my time and expertise are happy to pay the fee,” she explains.

Ladies and Gents, I am running not one, not two...but three different brands. In addition, I am running behind my twin boys who are in school. And each day I get an email that some fundraiser, carnival, cake walk or sing-a-long is happening. And Volunteers are needed because they are "in danger of cancelling" (Yes this is the voicemails & calls I get) Can we say welcome to suburbia? Ok so on top of business and my boys there is my man. Although he doesn't ever say much, there must be quality time with your husband. Date nights are our jam. We love movies, comedy shows, lounges & basketball games. I also love cooking- homecooked meals for my family are a must and they love it to. Oh and wait, there is this little thing called ME TIME. (ME TIME) you know that time where you want to focus on yourself and not feel guilty about it. You want to soak in the tub for just 10 more minutes. Get your hair and nails done. Ignore that phone call or text message. Yes I have to squeeze all this in. All while working on the above. Then after all this I get a DM, message or email saying. "Let's meet so I can pick your brain." Guess what?!? I don't have time for coffee, I don't have time for you to pick my brain. And if I did have time... Guess what? You would not want to pick my brain. 

Wait, it gets better!! People want to be secretive about why they want to meet up. They never really clarify the reason for the meeting. Never really transparent about why they want to get together. I mean are you picking my brain to start your own business? To grow your social media following, for contacts- what? Lunch & coffee is not equivalent to my contacts, expertise and advice, so I have created a service called ‘Pick My Brain’... This service will launch in May and like everything else I do (workshops, farmhouse tables, mama mode, etc) it will be affordable, purposeful and rewarding.

And please don't get me wrong I am all about inspiring the next person and working with an individual who wants to partner together to create something magical. Meeting with someone who is crystal clear about their intentions. And that shows that this "meeting" is not wasting my time or yours. But please remember I hate coffee, and this coffee cup is empty and just a prop.


Bree Iman