Pick My Brain are the new consulting sessions for ladies & gents who need some help from someone who's been there. Have an idea for a business... Don't know what to do next? Are you stuck on getting your business name out there? Pick Bree's brain. A brain that has proved to be successful through a trifecta of thriving businesses.




Before we meet...

First, fill out the form below. We'd love to know who you are! After filling the form out, we'll be in contact with you about scheduling your appointment and we'll send you an invoice for the session! Once this is done, we'll email you a Discovery Questionnaire to help you get a jump start on digging deep into what you really want out of your business.


During Our Session...

We'll meet in person at our studio. If you're out of town, we can meet via phone or Skype! We can discuss the good, the bad & the ugly. You will leave with a clear, confident, and ready-for-action game plan.



For a 90 minute chat, you will be charged $125

For a 120 minute chat, you will be charged $175


Let's start with some basics... What's your name? *
Let's start with some basics... What's your name?
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What's your cell?
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